Patient Surveys

Patient Participation

The benefits of a Patient Participation Group (PPG) have been recognised by the Practice for some time and a group was formed in May 2007. Members were recruited by personal invitation by clinicians and by notices in the waiting room. A small but enthusiastic group has been meeting on a regular basis currently chaired by Mr Peter Wilson and amongst its achievements are winning an award from the National Association of Patient Participation to improve communications/support for elderly and housebound patients, a regular newsletter, input into new practice premises, control of patient fund and purchases made include an ECG machine, phlebotomy chair, toys and books for the waiting room. It is a member of the National Association of Patient Participation. The Practice has been conducting Patient Satisfaction Surveys for many years and sharing the results with the PPG.

The planned move to new premises and the opportunities created makes it even more important to seek patients’ views on the services provided by the practice.

The ‘National Directed Enhanced Service’ (DES) reinforces our philosophy and we have adapted to a more formalised way of working to take into account the requirements of the DES

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Review And Further Development

The Practice would like to thank all current and previous members of the PPG and PRG for giving their time and support to help us improve our services. Particular thanks go to our Chairman Mr Peter Wilson.

We will monitor the changes and feedback to the PPG and PRG when we have assessed their impact. We hope some members of the PRG will consider joining the PPG and contributing at meetings in addition to online.

We welcome comments from all members (whether at the meeting or not ) on all aspects of this report but particularly let us have your views about whether allowing patients to ask for longer /shorter appointments would be helpful. Please send your comments to Mrs Lorraine Stratulis, Practice Manager via post or email to or Mr Peter Wilson, PPG Chairman, via email to

We hope to further develop our dialogue with you by discussing the best way of seeking your views (short frequent surveys or longer less frequent) and thank you once more for your efforts.

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