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SPECIALIST TRAINEE GP (ST2) Posted on 7 Oct 2020

We are pleased to announce that from 7 August 2019 the Practice will be introducing SPECIALIST TRAINEE GPs (ST2)



Doctors wishing to become

GPs need to undergo specialist

training in General Practice.

ST2’s are fully qualified

Doctors and will have

completed a couple of years

training in hospital jobs

(known as Foundation

trainees, the new name for

house officers and senior

house officers) before starting

on a GP training scheme which

lasts a minimum of 3 years.



A GPST 2 is in the 2nd year of their specialist training. They will be known as GP Registrars. They are qualified doctors but will need supervision in the form of advice and guidance from Dr Armitage and the Partners just as trainees in hospital get the same support from Consultants and senior doctors

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